Tuition in piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Student videos

Instrument: Piano

Start date: September 2017 - with a few months previous lessons with another teacher

Grade 1 exam: 15th March 2018 - Pass with Merit - 84%

Grade 2 exam: 19th November 2018 - Pass with Distinction - 100%

Grade 4 exam: 25th November 2019 - Pass with Distinction - 88%

Instrument: Piano

Start date: 23rd July 2017 - no previous experience

Grade 1 exam: 26th June 2018 (11 months since starting) - Pass with Distinction

Grade 3 exam: 9th March 2020 (20 months since starting) - Pass with Distinction

Instrument: Drum kit

Start date: 13th January 2018 - with previous lessons with another teacher

Grade 2 exam: 20th July 2018 - Pass with Merit

Instrument: Electric guitar

Start date: 21st February 2018 - no previous experience

Video taken 28th June 2018 (4 months since starting)

*Temporary notice*: Please note that these videos and photos are slightly outdated and due for an update

Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire tuition in drums, percussion, piano, guitar - any age.

Bachelor of Music degree (2015, first class honours). 

Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme member. 


Lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes. For lessons at my own home, these would cost £17/£25/£32 respectively. Lessons at your own home will incur an additional cost, please request a quote.  

My teaching methods are constantly evolving and utilise all the latest advances in technology to maximise student progression, while also adapting the lessons to suit each student. The top priority in the lessons is to develop each student as an independent musician and I place a high emphasis on sight-reading, timings and technique all from an early stage. Within the first few lessons, students will be learning parts of music by themselves and playing at the same time as metronome and audio tracks.

A crucial benefit of this method is that most of the learning can be done by the student at home, which allows an accelerated learning progress (as long as the student does a sufficient amount of work in between lessons).
Although my teaching approach can be considered intensive, I ensure that my students are motivated and enjoy playing their instrument. In addition to the inclusion of games for the younger students, I can also supply versions of any piece of music, specifically tailored to the students’ interests and level. 

My approach is not suitable for those who cannot commit to continuous practice, or those who prefer a traditional approach.

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